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Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Applications

The user experience for a website is unlike the user experience for traditional desk- top software. The location of data storage, limitations with the user interface, and limited access to operating system features are just some of the distinctions. However, as web applications have become more and more sophisticated, the differences in the user experience between desktop applications and web applications are becoming more and more blurred.

There are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to web-based applications in comparison to desktop applications.

Advantages of Web Applications

Some of the advantages of web applications include:

Disadvantages of Web Applications

Unfortunately, in the world of IT, for every advantage, there is often a corresponding disadvantage; this is also true of web applications. Some of these disadvantages include:

In addition, clients or their IT staff may have additional plugins added to their browsers, which provide added control over their browsing experience, but which might interfere with JavaScript, cookies, or advertisements.

Published on Sun 06 June 1999 by Phill Owen in Programming with tag(s): web applications programming