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Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning

This subject addresses the continuation of the business in the event of a major disruption to normal business operations. In the event of a natural disaster or a major calamity, the entire company’s resources could be lost. Whether the company survives or not depends on how the company prepares for these types of events.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Having a disaster recovery plan determines what is required to keep the business functioning. These items should be prepared ahead of time and the procedures required to get the necessary data back online should be thought of. This plan is a short-term plan. Its objectives include:

Business continuity planning

The business continuity plan is a long-term plan that looks at recovery from beginning to end. It incorporates the disaster recovery plan and put into action when a threat occurs. It is essential to keep the recovery plans up to date, monitor critical assets, and so forth. This helps reduce damage in the long run. The major components of this process are:

Plan approval and implementation is another component that involves getting the plan approved and making people aware of the plan. Also important is implementing a maintenance procedure for updating the plan as needed.

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