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Uses of computers in Education

Computers have their application or utility everywhere. Some of the prominent areas of computer applicationsare in the Field of Education.

Computers have taken the education systems in the entire world to a different level altogether. Following are the uses of computers in education-

  1. Making classrooms effective : The traditional classes have become modern and high-tech with the advent of computers. Students now see multimedia presentations, clips, images, etc. with the help of computers. This gives them a better experience of education as compared to the monotonous blackboard teaching. This way, the power of students to remember or recollect the taught concepts increases as the classroom learning becomes interesting.

  2. Providing online education : Computers not only strengthen the traditional education system but also provide a new mode of pursuing educational courses and degrees. This mode is called as online training mode of education. Online education system offers several benefits to the students which they can’t avail in traditional education system.

  3. Helps in research work : Computers help students of schools, colleges and universities in their research works. Gone are the days when students would go to libraries, and other Knowledge processing units to complete their research work. With the help of computers students now pursue their research work with ease and get ample amount of information for the same with easy clicks.

Published on Sat 21 March 2015 by Dale Hampton in Computer Science with tag(s): education