Unknown hackers have deleted more than 6,500 sites being held on a popular dark web server known as Daniel's hosting. The server hosting this site was located on the hidden Tor network. Its main use was to host and publish web pages that didn't want to be published on the public internet. The systems administrator of the site, Daniel Winzen, said that he didn't keep backups of the sites that were hosted. Some may say that this is to be expected for a hosting company that respects the privacy rights of its members.

Apparently there were 6,500 hidden sites hosted on the server. According to the administrator of the site, it should be back in service in December.

Daniel's hosting is one of the most popular hosting sites for .onion site owners since the previously largest host went offline in 2017. The site hosted a wide variety of material including politically sensitive details, banned books, hacked files, pornography, marketplaces, crypto-currency forums and places where whistleblowers could leave documents.

There has been speculation that a newly discovered vulnerability in PHP (a backend scripting language) was responsible for the hack although this has not been confirmed.