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Online Security Resources

Hacking Tools

The following table lists some popular hacking tools used by hackers today.

Name Description Location
Airsnort Popular WEP cracker (802.11b) Link
Adore Backdoor Link
Amap Identifies remote applications Link
Cheops GUI based tool that identifies information about hosts on a network Link
Desproxy Command-line tool that tunnels TCP traffic through web proxies Link
Dsniff A suite of network sniffing tools Link
Ethereal GUI based network sniffer Link
Ettercap Ncurses based network sniffer Link
Fata-Jack Performs Denial of Service attacks on 802.11 networks Link
Firewalk A tool similar to traceroute that determines gateway access control lists Link
Fragroute Intercepts, modifies, and rewrites network traffic Link
Hping2 Command-line TCP/IP packet assembler and analyzer Link
Hunt Performs TCP hijacking Link
Hydra Active password brute forcer Link
John Passive password cracker Link
Kismet Network sniffer that identifies wireless networks in the area Link
Knark Rootkit Link
Linux Root Kit (LRK) Rootkit Link
Loki2 Backdoor Link
Nemesis Command-line network packet injection suite Link
Nessus Vulnerability scanner Link
Netcat Reads and writes data across networks. TCP and UDP protocols are supported. Link
Ngrep Similar to the grep command, but used to analyze network packets. Link
Nikto Web server and web application vulnerability scanner Link
Nmap Port scanner Link
Openssl Establishes SSL connections Link
Snmpwalk SNMP query tool Link
Snort Network sniffer and intrusion detection system Link
Spike Proxy HTTP and HTTPS proxy Link
Stunnel SSL wrapper Link
Tcpdump Command-line sniffer Link
Tornkit Rootkit Link
Wget Command-line HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP client Link
Wlan-Jack Performs Denial of Service attacks on 802.11 networks Link
Xkey Performs keystroke logging of remote X sessions Link
Xprobe2 Performs operating system fingerprinting using ICMP packets Link
Xremote Sends mouse and keyboard events to a remote X session Link
Xscan Performs keystroke logging of remote X sessions Link
Xwatchwin Spy on remote X clients Link
Vnccrack Cracks and brute forces VNC passwords Link
Whisker Web server and web application vulnerability scanner Link
Zap3 Log eraser Link
Zebedee Creates secure TCP and UDP tunnels Link

Web Resources

The following table provides locations of the most popular security related web portals. It is a good idea to visit these resources frequently in order to catch up with the latest security news.

Description Location
News, articles, mailing lists, vulnerability and exploit databases Link
News, tools, advisories, and exploits Link
Tools, articles, and links Link
CERT Coordination Center. Vulnerabilities, incidents, security practices, statistics, and training Link
CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) Link
SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Link
Institute CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability) Link
Tools and papers Link
Articles, advisories, mailing lists, and tools Link
Phrack magazine Link
2600: The Hacker Quarterly Link
Discussion forums, links, and downloads Link
Vulnerability Disclosure List Link
Articles and various mailing list archives Link
News, analysis, and assessments Link
CERIAS (Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security) Link
News and articles Link

Mailing Lists

The following table provides pointers to popular security mailing lists. It is a good idea to subscribe to these lists as they promptly announce the latest advisories and vulnerabilities.

Description Resource
Bugtraq, Pen-test, Web application security, and many other lists Link
CERT advisory mailing list Link
SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Link

Conferences and Events

Security conferences are held at various locations around the world, where the happenings in the arena of computer security are presented by experts in the field. The following table contains a list of popular security conferences.

Description Resource
Blackhat Link
SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Link
CSI (Computer Security Institute) Link
RSA Link

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